Tagalog 2013

'napapagod din ako at napapagod na ako ayoko na iiwan na kita pwede ba 'yun? tutal hindi pa naman matagal wag kang mag-aalala makakahanap ka pa naman ng iba marami pa dyan marami paring' taon para magbago at mag-ipon makakanap ka agad ikaw pa eh mabenta ka 'di ba? ganun lang kadali iyon wag nang... Continue Reading →


A Dream

i wrote you my vow but you threw it away you said you'd never leave look what happened to this place - you said you love me (i do love you) what happened to us? (you left me for someone new) - it was a mistake i take it all back a one night lust... Continue Reading →


December 10, 2011 oh woah oh oh oh woah oh oh woah oh oh oh woah ohhh, x2 the rain has stop this train just goes on and on im waiting for my stop can you please stop talking soon? it's pouring down on me i know you feel it too please stop this nonsense... Continue Reading →

the breakup

i can now write my song the one that was meant for you a song of love, marriage and communion a song for you but tonight shattered all my dreams I will no longer be by your side Tonight my heart cries Not only for the pain But for the love I still feel inside... Continue Reading →

the 3rd line is forever

i was inspired to write this while listening to OPM songs 🙂   oh woah oh we've grown apart all these years we used to be forever but now it's no longer   you're wishing it's still the same but darling I've changed nothing is forever and nothing stays the same   stop wishing you... Continue Reading →

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