Through a Looking Glass

When your heart aches because of a love lost of a time spent wasted at most the love you gave which was never reciprocated in the arms of another happy as ever they dance the night away their own journey to forevery only, you're the one looking from the other side of the glass



all you ever gave me are heartaches thinking about you hurts being with you hurts remembering our past hurts everything hurts all this because I was too foolish to fall, to love, to be with you. all these heartache for love all this love for naught never reciprocated never really given but kept hidden afraid... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Pudding

all our friends don't even know i bet your own best friend have no idea do you ever share stories about me? i keep all our memories in my heart all alone, frozen the days have been long a year or two does that even matter to you? you're already with someone else engaged, to... Continue Reading →

Questions (4 years ago)

don't you like the poems i write for you? don't you want me writing about you? this distance separates us please, don't be so distant   you've been asking me a lot of questions lately what do you want? we both know we're not that close we only have the past to connect us so... Continue Reading →

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