Questions (4 years ago)

don't you like the poems i write for you? don't you want me writing about you? this distance separates us please, don't be so distant   you've been asking me a lot of questions lately what do you want? we both know we're not that close we only have the past to connect us so... Continue Reading →


In groups of 3

​Be brave enough for me Come see all the possibilities Reality wont hinder us this time Dont let your fear come get you Dont let yourself, take me away from you You're the only one that's holding you back Never mind the boys and the girls Never mind the attachments and relationships you hold Never... Continue Reading →

We Lie

Sometimes we lie because the truth hurts so much Because we are afraid Of the future Of the outcome Of what can and never

Thanks, But No Thanks

Thank you for the inspiration Thank you for the grief of intense passion Thank you for days long passed Thank you for moments that never last Thank you for words streched through years of remembrance Thank you for poems full of romance Thank you for the fun, the excitement, the rush Thank you for thoughts... Continue Reading →

That Night

Let's go back to that night and relive it Help me remember Help me to forget I was scared of the unknown Of jumping off cliffs I have never known To ask me weeks later To deny what could have been better To see you off with someone else And feel the pain of losing... Continue Reading →

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