A One-way Love Affair

The night I first saw you You were singing for her Pouring your heart out All for your love, so far away -  I saw you again Still singing your heart out Not of love, but of pain Your heart aches for her  - The third night confirmed it all Your singing was a longing... Continue Reading →


writing for you

im not writing any words for you i'll no longer write of you not until you say not until you admit not until you come close to me be with me the way it should be ive been waiting long enough its been really hard these times are rough dont even try to bluff im... Continue Reading →

one night

the night is still so young yet i feel so tired already a bucket of beer is all i had and your memories to keep me intact   i wait for you in this smoke filled room i dont like it here but i stay because of you where are you? i've been waiting for... Continue Reading →


i look for you in a sea of faces only to be dismayed you will never be near me our paths will never cross you're just a beautiful dream a dream I wouldn't wanna wake out of


i feel your pain the experiences you've been through it weighs me down wish i could do something about it do something for you   i can only look at you from a distance though i wish i could be closer close enough to feel you breathing next to me   i close my eyes... Continue Reading →

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