looking into your perfect eyes your drifting voice fills the entire room with echoes, melodies of love, life and passion dancing to the tunes i held your hand and led you down the stairs we walk toward the gardens wind caressing the leaves the midnight sun lights our paths wont you come with me and... Continue Reading →



Being in the same reality Near enough to be at the same place But still far enough to be together The distance does nothing to us It’s only a mere fence that blocks the view But it’s the people who keep us apart Separated for another day, another year I’ve lost count Still we tend... Continue Reading →

This Love of Mine

I love you For you love me too Accepting me for who I am For whom I was and will become For your understanding And never-ending patience Your unconditional love is priceless Your Devotion is so endless Heart full of passion Of love and emotions Gratifying me with your songs of admiration Musically talented, you’re... Continue Reading →

A Dream

i wrote you my vow but you threw it away you said you'd never leave look what happened to this place - you said you love me (i do love you) what happened to us? (you left me for someone new) - it was a mistake i take it all back a one night lust... Continue Reading →

A One-way Love Affair

The night I first saw you You were singing for her Pouring your heart out All for your love, so far away -  I saw you again Still singing your heart out Not of love, but of pain Your heart aches for her  - The third night confirmed it all Your singing was a longing... Continue Reading →

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