another boring day.. i cant believe i'm wide awake this early. my windows shades are still closed shut but the bright persistent sunlight is flooding my room. shadows overcast by the leaves of the tree outside seem like creepy creatures, monster still sleeping beside my bed. my night lamp is still on, its not that... Continue Reading →



hope. i need my hope back i want you back i remember finding you a long time ago that was a great day. of you and me. together i was really happy back then happy to have you as a really great inspiration i dont even care if you see me or not all i... Continue Reading →

morning blessing

can you see the face of God among the clouds? can you hear Him in the soft summer breeze? he gently caresses you with the sunlight and watches over you through the moonlight though without wings we cannot fly he gave us our imagination so we can rise sing, dance and fly through the sky... Continue Reading →


walk along a narrow path lined up with old tall trees this path seems too familiar too familiar for me ive walked this long narrow path before before you were with me and now im reminiscing again about the old past and the trees

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