Do you have the guts to kill a person?To actually kill in cold blood.For no reason at all.Can you?Will you have second thoughts?Will you doubt it?Can you think of ways to kill?Will you really be able to do that?CanYouKillMe?



Animals!All of you!What have you done?! Nooooo!This can't be!It's not.This is not happening.Nooo!Stop!Help!Somebody help!Pleeeease!!Anybody??Help!!Stop it! Stop!Nooooo!Oh my.No.No no no no.No.No.Oh.....


All we have are memories (memories, memories, memories) they do nothing for us we cannot change the past that haunts us the future is still uncertain. unclear the present's all there is but i don't have you   you may never remember the memories i have of you nor the ones we tried to forget... Continue Reading →

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