It was only a Dream

We live in the same place, still we don't see each other differing locations with the same name i keep dreaming of you always drifting but never touching that night. that last night it was true. if only you knew we denied of course alcohol brings out the real you the one you kept hidden the one... Continue Reading →


December 2 Chapter VII

It was a different experience, a happy moment; Bliss. Fleeting as it may have been, a dream that’ll never happen. I was glad to finally see you again, meet you, and be with you and your friends. It was so long ago, so long that you wouldn’t even remember.We were talking like old times, having... Continue Reading →

A Dream

i wrote you my vow but you threw it away you said you'd never leave look what happened to this place - you said you love me (i do love you) what happened to us? (you left me for someone new) - it was a mistake i take it all back a one night lust... Continue Reading →


i look for you in a sea of faces only to be dismayed you will never be near me our paths will never cross you're just a beautiful dream a dream I wouldn't wanna wake out of

Forgetting you

Drunk driving towards your place Wishing you were here Waiting for your lights to turn off I could wait here all night Waiting for another day Looking at your window pane Missing you so much 'til it hurts Your shadow's all I see The outline of your flesh These memories I hold dear Of you... Continue Reading →

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