Random Meet-up

up, down, up, down that's how we go that's how we flow once a year is enough twice is maybe too much missing you sucks but that's the way it goes you show up we dance around talk a lot end up nothing really happens in these meetings nothing really ever happens i guess nothing... Continue Reading →



looking into your perfect eyes your drifting voice fills the entire room with echoes, melodies of love, life and passion dancing to the tunes i held your hand and led you down the stairs we walk toward the gardens wind caressing the leaves the midnight sun lights our paths wont you come with me and... Continue Reading →

We’re Running Out of Time

i know you're missing me and im missing you too we seem to have lost time or at least that's my line being so busy i know we both are but i see you still find time and im grateful to say the least but what i really like to do is catch up with... Continue Reading →


we used to talk day and night who would have thought nobody knew not even i nor you we just clicked thats how it is with life its always a risk so why bother cry dont stop just try go with the flow go down dont slow just live it breathe it here they come... Continue Reading →

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