another boring day.. i cant believe i'm wide awake this early. my windows shades are still closed shut but the bright persistent sunlight is flooding my room. shadows overcast by the leaves of the tree outside seem like creepy creatures, monster still sleeping beside my bed. my night lamp is still on, its not that... Continue Reading →



When I was little, around grade 1 or 2, I used to go to our school canteen and eat Stick-O’s. It was one of my favorite treats/snacks back then next to wafers. I love eating it so much I could eat one whole canister in one seating, although it never happened since I was just... Continue Reading →

soul mate

this feels really weird 'coz you're not supposed to mean anything to me yet i'm missing you just seeing your face calms my nerves having a conversation with you would be fun, comforting it's like the feeling of home after a long travel it's really weird i feel this way towards you i can see... Continue Reading →

poetry awards for week 21

from Jingle's Thursday Poet Rally Week 21 (June 3-9, 2010) im always flattered and grateful for all these awards and i always see them as encouragement to move forward and strive harder.. thanks a lot! i really appreciate it! 😀 and for this, im gonna share a short fictional story(more like conversation)... - argument 090409... Continue Reading →

online stalking

i find life meaningless without you anymore i go online everyday just waiting for that online sign of yours just looking at your statuses makes me feel at ease it's interesting how you have this kind of hold over me like an invisible chain, holding myself fixed to you.

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