my cup of tea

you're so hot i can devour you all at once because i just cant stop but i know i cant i need to take things slow take you all in so slowly the smell of your sweet scent your taste so divine its bittersweet the feelings we have are mutual later, tonight, tomorrow, we can... Continue Reading →



SEX (you know you want to..) March 18, 2012 Why do you have sex when you have lived the first years of your life not knowing it? You didn’t even practice it in order to sustain your life and continue living. Why then do you choose to practice it? Because it feels good? Sex feels... Continue Reading →

Foolish Mistake

Don’t fool yourself We both know you don't love her anymore You try to hide it But I can see clearly behind your lies   Was it the past we had? That you regret not taking care of Was it a mistake you left? When you should have been more...   Careful, careful Lies can... Continue Reading →

writing for you

im not writing any words for you i'll no longer write of you not until you say not until you admit not until you come close to me be with me the way it should be ive been waiting long enough its been really hard these times are rough dont even try to bluff im... Continue Reading →

the kiss

05/07/08 I'm craving for you. and for this moment. the time has come, for us to collide once again. and make love for the first time. The time stands still. And we passionately kiss. We hold hands. Until its time to part. And when the kiss is broken. The seal is leased. And we both... Continue Reading →

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