We’re Running Out of Time

i know you're missing me and im missing you too we seem to have lost time or at least that's my line being so busy i know we both are but i see you still find time and im grateful to say the least but what i really like to do is catch up with... Continue Reading →



we used to talk day and night who would have thought nobody knew not even i nor you we just clicked thats how it is with life its always a risk so why bother cry dont stop just try go with the flow go down dont slow just live it breathe it here they come... Continue Reading →

oh, it’s you again!

i wonder what's with you how you always make my heart skip a beat whenever you talk to me or nearly everything that has something to do with you i wonder why for so long i still cant stop this feeling whenever it's about you it's kinda weird actually how we dont really know each... Continue Reading →

apology to a friend

we have been together for a while. "you quit, i quit right?" is it still the same? is it still that way? war of hearts and minds. kanta ng bamboo. di mo ata alam yun. you don't care anymore. hate me that much? that's what i thought. i'll leave you. if you want to. i... Continue Reading →


push it to the pedal push it to the limit make it faster honey i don't wanna wait - why are you worrying? what are you over thinking? just come with me and go with the flow the music's playing don't stop let's go

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