Animals!All of you!What have you done?! Nooooo!This can't be!It's not.This is not happening.Nooo!Stop!Help!Somebody help!Pleeeease!!Anybody??Help!!Stop it! Stop!Nooooo!Oh my.No.No no no no.No.No.Oh.....



you broke my heart it's time to take yours don't you know how easy it is to play, to fall yet it's so hard to go back and move on you fooled around recklessly now you have to pay the price the tattoos that mark your skin will all be mine i'll take them from... Continue Reading →

a thin line between life and death

too many breakdowns and emotional dramas it's all bringing me down i cant keep up anymore im all over the place buried deep beneath the ground i suffocate to my death help me come back up i can barely see the light dying in this emotional pool of darkness i have been waiting for a... Continue Reading →

The Pessimist in Me

I self destruct when I'm caught When I'm being owned With your selfishness I'll self destruct With every romantic relationship there is I'll bring him with me I'll bring him down To self destruction To confusion To loss Having romantic relationships with me Is never beneficial Is never boring You'll face thunder storms everyday It'll... Continue Reading →

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