You sit there waiting, waiting, waiting there's not enough time you don't know what to do torn between me and you you knew, you knew but did nothing new you had every chance you had every opportunity you could get your hand into yet you doubted when all you really needed was hope  


am i still a tree?

am i still a tree?reaching up to the heavens abovefluttering my leaves so each one of themwill receive the warmth of the sunam i still a tree?that stands tall, firm on my groundaccepting the heavy winds with couragewith dignity and pride i standam i still a tree?accepting the birds and insects that come abounda shelter... Continue Reading →

Tree of Life

The tree of life Doesn’t grow on fertile soil or lush environment It grows in the most deserted areas In the harshest of them all They thrive Not losing hope Never giving up This tree did exactly that Living for years on this old stone wall that used to be a house That this tree... Continue Reading →

Death Envy

Do not envy the dead you just might get what you're wishing for My childhood friend recently died at the young age of 26. Lupus got the best of her, broke down her kidneys. I never got the chance to see nor talk to her, nor give her hope. It all came so fast, one... Continue Reading →

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