We’re Running Out of Time

i know you're missing me and im missing you too we seem to have lost time or at least that's my line being so busy i know we both are but i see you still find time and im grateful to say the least but what i really like to do is catch up with... Continue Reading →


Inspire me

Would you go out on a date with me? And somehow share a glimpse of eternity? I know girls like me aren’t your type And even if I try hard enough You wouldn’t even try Even so I still dream of this and that Of you and me together, then what? I stay awake at... Continue Reading →


doubts are good they keep you on track lets you know you've lost path next time you feel doubt embrace it talk to it don't be ashamed of it doubts are normal they're part of life life gives you doubts for if not for them where will you be? doubts let you know something's gone... Continue Reading →

A One-way Love Affair

The night I first saw you You were singing for her Pouring your heart out All for your love, so far away -  I saw you again Still singing your heart out Not of love, but of pain Your heart aches for her  - The third night confirmed it all Your singing was a longing... Continue Reading →


I need my daily fix baby I'm craving for my addiction I'm looking for alo I wanna be with you Where is my baby My heroin in disguise The man who made me realized That life is worth while I miss you Your voice, your hugs Your soft smooth fingers Your lips, your kisses Your... Continue Reading →

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