Why do you keep waiting for someone you're unsure of the Lord prepares the Lord gives "wait patiently  my child" it will surely come for the Lord is our promise-keeper He does not disappoint


Chocolate Pudding

all our friends don't even know i bet your own best friend have no idea do you ever share stories about me? i keep all our memories in my heart all alone, frozen the days have been long a year or two does that even matter to you? you're already with someone else engaged, to... Continue Reading →

happiness 11.24.11

what is your view of happiness? as of now, happiness for me means being content and satisfied with what you have. if you're content with life then we can say that you are happy because you are not seeking for more or so much more. and if you're happy and content, then we can say... Continue Reading →

That Night

Let's go back to that night and relive it Help me remember Help me to forget I was scared of the unknown Of jumping off cliffs I have never known To ask me weeks later To deny what could have been better To see you off with someone else And feel the pain of losing... Continue Reading →

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