your songs speak to me like flooding emotions blocking all my way out i'm consumed by your passion   drowning in your world of silence wishing someone could hear you but you can never speak   you take it all out in huge waves of oblivion sorrow, death and anger are your illusions   you... Continue Reading →


last relationship

is this the last? the last relationship we'd ever have this is the first let's make it real let's make it last wondering on the edges i've fallen too many times but now ive found my reason and im back on track let's keep it sealed let's make this real hold my hand i wont... Continue Reading →

simple and clean

Simple And Clean by Utada Hikaru - When you walk away You don't hear me say please Oh baby, don't go Simple and clean is the way that you're making me feel tonight It's hard to let it go You're giving me too many things Lately, you're all I need You smiled at me and... Continue Reading →

summer and global warming

hot summer nights when it should be cold global warming here we go summer's the best season for one and all anywhere you go it's still summer they know summer days of fun in the beach summer nights with bonfires and sweets a fun happy summer time but now global warming has arrived there's not much fun... Continue Reading →

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