Your bass lines are all it takes for me to come undone



looking into your perfect eyes your drifting voice fills the entire room with echoes, melodies of love, life and passion dancing to the tunes i held your hand and led you down the stairs we walk toward the gardens wind caressing the leaves the midnight sun lights our paths wont you come with me and... Continue Reading →


dancing in this moon lit night looking at your eyes so bright this warmth of yours radiates through my skin this love of ours will permeate till the end the night i first saw you that smile of yours so dear i wanted to dance with you then and there with or without music i... Continue Reading →

Wishful Thinking

Against the fading light i see your smile so bright then you waved goodbye my heart sunk and died - your favorite flowers bloom this sonnet stops too soon do you remember this day a year ago when you should have stayed - i've been waiting ever since for you (only you don't even care)... Continue Reading →

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