plus 1

making love to you is so overwhelming so passionately true   like a big gush of wind blowing me away i'm drifting to nowhere i'm going astray   i'm waking back to reality one more time is not enough i'm wanting more i'm craving for more dont stop. dont stop.   waiting for every moment... Continue Reading →



push it to the pedal push it to the limit make it faster honey i don't wanna wait - why are you worrying? what are you over thinking? just come with me and go with the flow the music's playing don't stop let's go

one chance

dont you want to take a risk and find out a chance is all im asking the words you're not giving take a little time find out why let's see let's try let's make it worth while


you wont be able to taste these lips of mine your fingers wont ever touch me this distance separates us apart and we're too close to do something about that today's the day like any other day tomorrow's another day so what do you say? nay? hey? yeah you what do you wanna do?

poetry awards for week 21

from Jingle's Thursday Poet Rally Week 21 (June 3-9, 2010) im always flattered and grateful for all these awards and i always see them as encouragement to move forward and strive harder.. thanks a lot! i really appreciate it! 😀 and for this, im gonna share a short fictional story(more like conversation)... - argument 090409... Continue Reading →

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