You’re Killing Me

your itch feels so good on my skin your tender touch upon my soft lips my tongue craves for you i can never resist watching you from afar waiting for this total bliss i can never wait for your touch for your sensual kiss they say you can never have too much or it might... Continue Reading →



Animals!All of you!What have you done?! Nooooo!This can't be!It's not.This is not happening.Nooo!Stop!Help!Somebody help!Pleeeease!!Anybody??Help!!Stop it! Stop!Nooooo!Oh my.No.No no no no.No.No.Oh.....

Tree of Life

The tree of life Doesn’t grow on fertile soil or lush environment It grows in the most deserted areas In the harshest of them all They thrive Not losing hope Never giving up This tree did exactly that Living for years on this old stone wall that used to be a house That this tree... Continue Reading →

This Love of Mine

I love you For you love me too Accepting me for who I am For whom I was and will become For your understanding And never-ending patience Your unconditional love is priceless Your Devotion is so endless Heart full of passion Of love and emotions Gratifying me with your songs of admiration Musically talented, you’re... Continue Reading →

Move On

im finding it hard to get over (get over you) finding ways to finally leave you im doubting myself doubting the things that you do i know i was scared i dont want to be alone (again) i know that you cared but it doesnt cut off what you did it hurts, it still does,... Continue Reading →

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