Lord, stop teasing You know my fragile heart Easily swayed Easily¬† moved Easily discouraged Let Your Love Be one I can sustain And if this love Is what you have prepared for me Help me nourish And care for it Wholeheartedly And Wholesome  



my heart skips a beat whenever I think about you I feel ecstatic I long for you to see you talk to you be with you I am so ashamed to be feeling this way I barely know you But these feelings Burning within me Tells me there's something there There's something in you (though... Continue Reading →

Through a Looking Glass

When your heart aches because of a love lost of a time spent wasted at most the love you gave which was never reciprocated in the arms of another happy as ever they dance the night away their own journey to forevery only, you're the one looking from the other side of the glass


I long for you for your embrace the warmth of your touch the brush of your skin to mine   it pains to see you from afar so close yet miles apart   distance separates us but our eyes connect and there it is yet   a woman can never be sure she only waits... Continue Reading →


I feel your love in every beat of my heart saying I love you I love you I love you Be happy, live! There is nothing to fear no need to worry I Am with you always.

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