You are in my heart I no longer yearn for you You are with me, always Doubts, I seek not Fears, I ran away from For you are my Stronghold My Sure Foundation Your promises are true You never fail Trust is your only desire My will, I offer it all Your ways are good... Continue Reading →



It is when you do not seek that it comes so prepare first yourself before waiting for the right moment will come when the waiting will end in joyful celebration the bridegroom has come   actively wait prepare yourself purify your heart love with utmost abandon and be free joyful   open yourself do not... Continue Reading →

jipe 072010

let me kiss you slowly tighter our arms cross over little by little a chance is all i'm asking the words you're not giving take a little time find out why let's see let's try and make it worth while

Random Meet-up

up, down, up, down that's how we go that's how we flow once a year is enough twice is maybe too much missing you sucks but that's the way it goes you show up we dance around talk a lot end up nothing really happens in these meetings nothing really ever happens i guess nothing... Continue Reading →

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