Inspire me

Would you go out on a date with me? And somehow share a glimpse of eternity? I know girls like me aren’t your type And even if I try hard enough You wouldn’t even try Even so I still dream of this and that Of you and me together, then what? I stay awake at... Continue Reading →


You Dont Own Me

if i die today will you still blame me for things i never did nor say? if the thing you hate the most is gone will you still act and fake the things you do and say?


Questions worth answering never really seeing never really hearing never really knowing mouths remain shut as the vial empties itself answers left unspoken twisted tongues like knives sharp words. hurting silence speaks for itself


SEX (you know you want to..) March 18, 2012 Why do you have sex when you have lived the first years of your life not knowing it? You didn’t even practice it in order to sustain your life and continue living. Why then do you choose to practice it? Because it feels good? Sex feels... Continue Reading →

Foolish Mistake

Don’t fool yourself We both know you don't love her anymore You try to hide it But I can see clearly behind your lies   Was it the past we had? That you regret not taking care of Was it a mistake you left? When you should have been more...   Careful, careful Lies can... Continue Reading →

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