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i saw myself today i tried to wake up but in vain thinking of these memories i wish i didn't have i always say to myself that tomorrow is so unclear i wish time would pass quickly i'm hoping to see you ga all i ever did was let you down never thinking of anything... Continue Reading →


Tagalog 2013

'napapagod din ako at napapagod na ako ayoko na iiwan na kita pwede ba 'yun? tutal hindi pa naman matagal wag kang mag-aalala makakahanap ka pa naman ng iba marami pa dyan marami paring' taon para magbago at mag-ipon makakanap ka agad ikaw pa eh mabenta ka 'di ba? ganun lang kadali iyon wag nang... Continue Reading →

Questions (4 years ago)

don't you like the poems i write for you? don't you want me writing about you? this distance separates us please, don't be so distant   you've been asking me a lot of questions lately what do you want? we both know we're not that close we only have the past to connect us so... Continue Reading →

jipe 072010

let me kiss you slowly tighter our arms cross over little by little a chance is all i'm asking the words you're not giving take a little time find out why let's see let's try and make it worth while

In groups of 3

​Be brave enough for me Come see all the possibilities Reality wont hinder us this time Dont let your fear come get you Dont let yourself, take me away from you You're the only one that's holding you back Never mind the boys and the girls Never mind the attachments and relationships you hold Never... Continue Reading →

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