Inspire me

Would you go out on a date with me? And somehow share a glimpse of eternity? I know girls like me aren’t your type And even if I try hard enough You wouldn’t even try Even so I still dream of this and that Of you and me together, then what? I stay awake at... Continue Reading →


oh, it’s you again!

i wonder what's with you how you always make my heart skip a beat whenever you talk to me or nearly everything that has something to do with you i wonder why for so long i still cant stop this feeling whenever it's about you it's kinda weird actually how we dont really know each... Continue Reading →


hope. i need my hope back i want you back i remember finding you a long time ago that was a great day. of you and me. together i was really happy back then happy to have you as a really great inspiration i dont even care if you see me or not all i... Continue Reading →

wondering how you are

i wonder why we never talked since we're both online you must be so busy you never have the time i watch your online status light up and fade only to find out you never really cared _ times like this makes me wish i was with you hoping you'd find comfort in the things... Continue Reading →

if only you knew

if only you knew how much i love you i only you knew - if only you knew how much i need you then you'd be here right now with me - if only you knew

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