tula 3

hindi makatulog sa kakaisip sa iyo anong oras na? wala ka pa - naghihintay hindi mapakali asan ka na ba? 'bat wala ka pa - kanina lamang ang saya-saya natin bakit ganito na ngayon? puro lungkot at pighati - ito ba talaga gusto mo? ang tangi mong hangad ang magkahiwalay tayo? - kay tagal kong... Continue Reading →


30 lines for July 30

i cant fall asleep i cant stop thinking about the deed how we'd do it all night long and how your skin rubs off mine more flesh to flesh we beat like the drums singing more more more every pump heats up the excitement another pleasurable moan a change in position another direction a change... Continue Reading →

I’m addicted to you

I'm addicted to you Can't you see? These past nights have all been wild Don't you agree? I'd kiss you now if you let me Smile for me now And hold me tight babey We'll dance all night long If you want to Coz I want to And I want you Hiding this urge inside... Continue Reading →

My Kryptonite in Disguise

I can't seem to fall asleep. I'm bothered It has only been two days I wonder You keep me tied down I'm busy You're all I think of I'm dead meat I can't concentrate anymore I can't even fall asleep You're all I think of Help me, I feel so weak What have you done?... Continue Reading →


this night is our's tonight let's make it longer let's make it last - this room's all we have and with this i'll sing my heart out - i never thought it would feel this way i never thought we'd do it but now after all we've been through let's do it again (again and... Continue Reading →

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