suicide is not an option – 10

Ten She didn’t regret it. She always wanted to do it. To die. Embrace death with open arms, the only thing left was the courage to do it. Now it came to her. Drifting through the abyss of nothingness, she recalls why she wanted death, why she chose it over fighting and hoping for something... Continue Reading →


suicide is not an option – 9

Nine Her suicide, even though it was something negative, imparted something positive in their life. They realized, what they had long forgotten, that life is precious, that we shouldn’t be wasting it with trivial things, that in one blink of an eye we might lose it. We can lose life, the same way we gained... Continue Reading →

suicide is not an option – 8

Eight Her suicide wasn’t her only contact to death. She has encountered death many times before. Always given the chance to escape it. This time, she embraced death without it coming for her. She killed herself though she didn’t plot on doing it. When she was four, they went swimming at Bagasbas Beach. She was at... Continue Reading →

suicide is not an option – 7

Seven Childhood: memories of the past long forgotten; a box full of memories that can either be thrown away or kept. Her box of memories where empty, simply because she didn’t want to remember, she didn’t want to get hurt by it. When something negative happens to her life, she instantly tries to forget it;... Continue Reading →

suicide is not an option – 6

Six Her siblings who were in Palawan were informed about her death by her boyfriend. It was after the autopsy that he had the courage to tell her siblings about it. They couldn’t believe it at first, they thought it was just a horrible joke from her boyfriend, a prank made by their sibling and... Continue Reading →

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