Do you have the guts to kill a person?To actually kill in cold blood.For no reason at all.Can you?Will you have second thoughts?Will you doubt it?Can you think of ways to kill?Will you really be able to do that?CanYouKillMe?


Death Envy

Do not envy the dead you just might get what you're wishing for My childhood friend recently died at the young age of 26. Lupus got the best of her, broke down her kidneys. I never got the chance to see nor talk to her, nor give her hope. It all came so fast, one... Continue Reading →

I Hope I’m Not Too Late

sorry i didnt notice before i was too preoccupied i was just so selfish to learn i wasnt able to read the signs i never thought you were all alone i guess i didnt care that much i always thought you were strong i always looked up to you i didnt know my assumptions were... Continue Reading →

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