push it to the pedal push it to the limit make it faster honey i don't wanna wait - why are you worrying? what are you over thinking? just come with me and go with the flow the music's playing don't stop let's go


I’m addicted to you

I'm addicted to you Can't you see? These past nights have all been wild Don't you agree? I'd kiss you now if you let me Smile for me now And hold me tight babey We'll dance all night long If you want to Coz I want to And I want you Hiding this urge inside... Continue Reading →


my legs hurt they cant stop trembling i can feel the pain it's a good pain not the pain that hurts but the pain that you haven't had for a long time this pain, broke my 10 month vow oh well this pain means one thing i'm back - the fog inside the car its... Continue Reading →


if i were Coraline i'd stay at the other house and let the other mother sew buttons in my eyes i'd take all i can just to escape this world i wouldn't even let myself come away with me i'd hide and never return i'd let the other mother kill me if that's what she... Continue Reading →


he calls it his new adventure every year is a different place a different goal a different dream to fulfill he plans it very carefully like a detective studying his evidence - different faces every year different languages different cultures but its still the same old ways - his adventures fuels his desires for life... Continue Reading →

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