Tree of Life

The tree of life Doesn’t grow on fertile soil or lush environment It grows in the most deserted areas In the harshest of them all They thrive Not losing hope Never giving up This tree did exactly that Living for years on this old stone wall that used to be a house That this tree... Continue Reading →


Train Ride

I see you boarding down the train. Leisurely you walk without a care in the world. A split second glance was all we had, as I closed my eyes and continued to walk. I take my seat beside an elderly woman, still thinking about you and that small chance. I wonder if we’ll take off... Continue Reading →

this Earth God made

There is no more to life than the best things that God have given us. We may never be happy without it. Having a vacation always gives a sense of wholeness and completeness. Nothing more can ever do that to us other than nature. Many people forget about nature and God’s love and his creation... Continue Reading →

seeing utada

im here at the airport waiting for my flight looking at different places there's a lot of light a girl in high-heeled boots leather mini skirt and a sexy shirt i hear a lot of hoots 3 hours before the flight talk about an international site going to the lion city i wish to travel... Continue Reading →


we're moving too fast is this what you want? destiny has its own time waiting is a must - i feel weird looking at this unknown ceiling is this what i wanted? what i wanted from me - is this a disguise a way of deceiving a one way transition an early bliss or a... Continue Reading →

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