your voice makes me fall in love with you i'm disillusioned wanting to have you make you mine your voice is all i hear drifting, fading im calling out to you im running to you i hear your voice that sweet sound of yours your voice calls out to me i feel you im quivering... Continue Reading →


Fragmented Thoughts of You and Me

A cup of coffee is all we had one sip from your cup turned into blissful moments of summer's past you waited for me that day   i had you once will i ever have you again? a split second miss turned into reality's future heartache   your rough grip smooth lips caress against mine... Continue Reading →

oh, it’s you again!

i wonder what's with you how you always make my heart skip a beat whenever you talk to me or nearly everything that has something to do with you i wonder why for so long i still cant stop this feeling whenever it's about you it's kinda weird actually how we dont really know each... Continue Reading →

a perspective

i am not myself today have i ever been myself in the first place? i'm so confused i'm so out of it i wanna quit you're holding me back if you leave me now it'll probably mark the end of this clasp the one that's holding me tightly and secured among the tracks waiting for... Continue Reading →

Missing you

My head hurts My heart aches Whenever I think about you The thought of you far away Never seeing, never knowing what's happening I get so worried, so frustrated I feel so sad and down I have this heavy burden in my chest My fingertips are shaking, it feels like electric currents are running right... Continue Reading →

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