isolated and left alone that's how it is that's how it has always been


am i still a tree?

am i still a tree?reaching up to the heavens abovefluttering my leaves so each one of themwill receive the warmth of the sunam i still a tree?that stands tall, firm on my groundaccepting the heavy winds with couragewith dignity and pride i standam i still a tree?accepting the birds and insects that come abounda shelter... Continue Reading →

Holding on to Faith

It hurts so badly when you don’t have a clue It hurts a lot to think it’s so true Waiting for the right time to come For the right opportunity to change things I’m losing my hope here My faith's fading away - I've had lots of opportunities I dared to lose Hoping for the right... Continue Reading →


You're so misused Abused Battered and torn Yet you don’t care You fear for the grave But accepts it with open arms You regret the negativities you have inside Yet you still pursue what destroys you You're falling apart And yet you still stand Firm Fighting Enduring Facing every wave of defiance With the liberty... Continue Reading →

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