Patuloy mong kinikilit ang aking puso pinapakilig minamahal inaalagaan pinapaalala ako ay mahal at minamahal Mo ng walang anumang kapalit Mahal



Mahirap magmahal kung hindi ito ang nilaan ng Diyos para sa iyo. But to love is to give your all Without leaving anything for yourself Without asking anything in return Until it hurts to love Then love becomes free true pure  


You are in my heart I no longer yearn for you You are with me, always Doubts, I seek not Fears, I ran away from For you are my Stronghold My Sure Foundation Your promises are true You never fail Trust is your only desire My will, I offer it all Your ways are good... Continue Reading →


my heart skips a beat whenever I think about you I feel ecstatic I long for you to see you talk to you be with you I am so ashamed to be feeling this way I barely know you But these feelings Burning within me Tells me there's something there There's something in you (though... Continue Reading →

A Plea

Remove my selfishness oh Lord turn it to love remind me to be secured in thy love let not my love be tainted let it not be destroyed by my selfishness let Your Love overflow in me let Your Love be my love let it spring forth in my heart like a long forgotten well... Continue Reading →

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