The Pope 1/16/15

An encounter with Pope Francis as he visited the Philippines on January 15-19


Random Meet-up

up, down, up, down that's how we go that's how we flow once a year is enough twice is maybe too much missing you sucks but that's the way it goes you show up we dance around talk a lot end up nothing really happens in these meetings nothing really ever happens i guess nothing... Continue Reading →

You’re Killing Me

your itch feels so good on my skin your tender touch upon my soft lips my tongue craves for you i can never resist watching you from afar waiting for this total bliss i can never wait for your touch for your sensual kiss they say you can never have too much or it might... Continue Reading →

My 2012-2013 Transition

I still remember my favorite Christmas song when I was a kid, I used to sing it during Christmas season with my classmates in 2nd Grade, and that memory kind of stuck with me, so every time Christmas season comes, that memory of mine starts playing in my head. The song is called “Noche Buena”,... Continue Reading →

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