It was only a Dream

We live in the same place, still we don't see each other differing locations with the same name i keep dreaming of you always drifting but never touching that night. that last night it was true. if only you knew we denied of course alcohol brings out the real you the one you kept hidden the one... Continue Reading →



I wanna do it so bad But you just won't let me I try hard everytime But still you've hurt me Different moves, turns and outcomes Still boil down to lust But you still won't let me Why won't you? I'm craving for it so much Aren't you? One time's not enough for me I... Continue Reading →

Late Night Coffee

She keeps me warm Throughout the night Smooth and dark with a hint of honey This is our spot Our place to be The night is ours Let's be free Late night Coffee


When I was little, around grade 1 or 2, I used to go to our school canteen and eat Stick-O’s. It was one of my favorite treats/snacks back then next to wafers. I love eating it so much I could eat one whole canister in one seating, although it never happened since I was just... Continue Reading →

some sort of muffins

i was planning to cook some pancakes for our afternoon snack. there wasnt any hotcake/pancake mix so i made my own though i made a mistake with 1 of the ingredients.. i put baking powder instead of baking soda into the batter and ended up ruining the supposedly pancakes 😛 i realized this when i cooked... Continue Reading →

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