December 2 Chapter VII

It was a different experience, a happy moment; Bliss. Fleeting as it may have been, a dream that’ll never happen. I was glad to finally see you again, meet you, and be with you and your friends. It was so long ago, so long that you wouldn’t even remember.We were talking like old times, having... Continue Reading →


Standing Still

time goes slow and time goes fast in time you'll know what time doesn't show time stands still time has its own fears moving to different places seeing different faces these phases keeps repeating these phrases kept me going my mind drifts away these places wont let me stay all i can say is please bear... Continue Reading →

Foolish Mistake

Don’t fool yourself We both know you don't love her anymore You try to hide it But I can see clearly behind your lies   Was it the past we had? That you regret not taking care of Was it a mistake you left? When you should have been more...   Careful, careful Lies can... Continue Reading →

the 3rd line is forever

i was inspired to write this while listening to OPM songs 🙂   oh woah oh we've grown apart all these years we used to be forever but now it's no longer   you're wishing it's still the same but darling I've changed nothing is forever and nothing stays the same   stop wishing you... Continue Reading →

a poem for you know who

September 9, 2009 Maybe I was wrong. And you were right. I was too aggressive. I wasn’t taking it slow. I wasn’t fun at all to be with anymore. You’ve had your bet. Now you want it back. You think it’s through, But there’s still a gaping hole Staring back at you. I need you... Continue Reading →

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